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Bermuda Real Estate: Information about homes in Bermuda.  On our small island paradise there are some of the most beautiful homes in the world.  On the beach, on the cliff, in the meadow. has them all.

Find a home for sale or just check out the great Bermuda homes.

Cave House
Cave House is situated on Harbour Road in Warwick and set in beautifully landscaped grounds. The house takes its name from a unique cave which opens into a jeweled delight of rock pools for those agile enough to climb through. Easier to enjoy, are the terraced patios, flower gardens, and a large swimming pool with views over the Harbour and the waters of Granaway Deep.  $3,900,000

Sterling Rock
Sterling Rock - Breathtaking views of Castle Harbour and Harrington South with glimpses of the waters of South Shore and North Shore. Very recently renovated spacious hilltop home off Trinity Church Road. The very generous master bedroom has a sitting area and there are two additional bedrooms. 

Tranquility - In a desirable Smith's Parish neighborhood this lovely 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cottage overlooks Harrington Sound. The open plan living room, dining room, and kitchen has a fireplace and opens onto a covered patio. Recently renovated.  $1,150,000

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